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The journey to Abilene by the government members of Russia and the Ukraine

The Abilene Paradox.
This means to do just the opposite of what you want to do. In common: a group of people collectively decide on an action that is counter to the preferences of many of the individuals in the group.

December 2013, Mr Putin was anxious the upcoming EU- Ukraine agreement would decrease the Russian influence in the Ukraine.He offered Mr. Viktor Janoekovytsj a loan of 11 billion euros and a big decrease on the gaz imported from Russia, so the Ukraine wouldn’t get ‘involved’ in the EU.
They both underestimated the reaction of the Ukrain people.

If they, at that stage, enabled the Ukrainians more influence, more money income, or the closing of the EU- agreement, no lasting crisis would have been born. Because the EU- agreement and the Russian money could exist together, no exclusions.

Alas, they maintained their own right. The trip to Abilene started.
Government members of both countries individually agreed with both leaders about their decision, despite their own opinion, because the fear of being excluded (executed?) was larger than to advice in contrary direction.

Common sense is exchanged to “us against the world”. Creating an enemy and misleading, is easier than creating a pleasant situation for everyone.
No one dares to advice: “a real statesman admits wrong decisions and will be prized”.

The nature of this ‘project’ ( better: upcoming war) is often enough described.
Who is really concerned about his children’s future? Who will step out? And admitting the road to Abilene was the wrong choice at the junction of smart and stupid?

History will judge and tell.


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